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Büchler & Wagner

Introducing the TRI Platform:

A cutting-edge solution for online bookings.

“CONVERSION: the difference between winning and losing”

Pioneering the internet flight booking landscape in Hungary since 2001.
Revolutionizing online B2C hotel bookings in Hungary since 2003.
Setting the standard with the first dynamic packaging booking tool in Central Eastern Europe in 2007.
Leading the way with the inaugural travel recommendation tool in Central Eastern Europe in 2009.

services of B$W

15 years of collaboration in the travel sector. Since 2000, joint efforts in creating numerous websites and implementing innovative technology solutions in the tourism industry have consistently contributed to the development of the sector.

Global solutions:
Clients in 9 European countries.
Dozens of satisfied clients
Innovative, unique solutions
Vision about the future of the travel industry
Big data based solutions


Our approach begins with understanding your business. Each contract represents a fresh opportunity for us to demonstrate our commitment, treating your potential as if it were our own. We carefully select projects, advising clients to invest where their resources are likely to yield the greatest return.

The Büchler & Wagner team boasts extensive experience across all major Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) used worldwide. We’ve developed numerous interfaces and front ends. Stay tuned for the launch of TRI, our innovative internet booking engine, slated for mid-2017. More details coming soon.

In addition to our expertise in GDS integration, we’ve developed dynamic packaging engines that seamlessly combine flight and hotel bookings. Our journey began in 2007 with the creation of the first engine on Galileo XML and GTA XML for hotels. In 2011, we completed another dynamic packaging solution for TraBase, integrating multiple GDSs for flights and 8 hotel suppliers.

Gain control over your business by staying informed about every aspect of your systems. Keep a watchful eye on the dashboard to stay updated on all key metrics and trends.

In 2007, we pioneered the launch of the first dynamic packaging booking tool on a B2C website, initially as our own project. Through a brief trial period, we discovered that Eastern European travelers prefer receiving ready-made travel packages rather than creating their own journeys from individual components. In response, we developed our own dynamic packaging tool to automatically generate package travels. The vast array of possible packages necessitated intelligent selection mechanisms. We devised a series of algorithms to identify the best available dynamic package (combining flight and hotel) for potential buyers. This is our Dynamic Packaging Recommendation Engine, which has consistently delivered significant increases in conversion rates for websites utilizing it.

Your IT solution in the travel industry